16 Sustainable House Design Tips and Ideas

As Richard Robbins highlighted in his book Global Problem and the Culture of Capitalism, consumerism and the production process have a detrimental environmental impact. In perhaps the greatest news of all time, energy-saving experts are advising not to pre-wash your dishes before throwing them in the dishwasher. Instead, ditch the double wash and scrape any leftover food into the compost, then pop your dishes straight into the machine.

  • An easy way to fix this is to insulate your windows and door frames, or install sealed windows and door frames.
  • Give your used clothing, appliances, and furniture to GoodWill, the Salvation Army, or a local church; computers to schools or needy families; and building materials and tools to Habitat for Humanity.
  • Since we already talked about using natural sunlight at home, how about using natural water as well?

You’ll need to hire a roofer who specializes in building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) to install it. Slate is one of the most durable types of roofing material and is similar in cost to clay tiles, ranging from $9 to $20 per square foot. In addition to being fireproof and resistant to high winds and extreme temperatures, it is also resistant to impact from hail and small branches. While expensive to install and repair, clay tiles last longer than almost all other types of roofing.

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But it can be a helpful practice only if you actually do it right, which is sometimes not as easy as you may think. Pesticide use can contaminate water, threatening local aquatic systems as well as the wider ecosystem. These chemicals are harmful not only to ecosystems and human health but also to pets and wildlife. To keep a healthy garden without using chemicals, use practices like companion planting, frequent crop rotation, and promoting plant health to boost natural pest resistance. Harvesting rainwater can provide a long-term answer to gardening problems. Rainwater collection systems can range from simple rain barrel installations to more complex systems comprising cisterns for whole-house usage.

Despite expensive upfront costs, biomass boiler running costs are less vulnerable to market spikes than gas/oil-fired counterparts. They also fall under some government grants, including the ECO4 Scheme, which helps cover the installation costs. Biomass boilers use biological material, or biomass, to produce heat through combustion. Biomass can also be converted to produce sustainable fuels such as biodiesel.

Use Eco-Cleaning Products

If you’re cooking a small meal for one, opt for your toaster over instead of your larger electric oven. Since we already talked about using natural sunlight at home, how about using natural water as well? If you live in an area that experiences rainfall, consider harvesting the water and using it at home. You can collect it in pots and pans or install a rainwater harvesting system to make the collection more efficient. However, if you like spending time in the shower and are aware of how much water you waste, consider opting for a low-flow shower head. Most people end up wasting precious resources during cooking without realizing it.

  • As technology adapts to different scenarios, many different products can be used to take notes.
  • These, on average, are about $1 to $3 per square foot less expensive than standing seam.
  • It’s also difficult to keep track of how much your heat or furnace is running in the cold, winter months.
  • Growing plants can also strengthen your relationship with nature, allowing you to better appreciate the splendor of life, and ultimately turn you into a stronger advocate for the planet.

Learn how to sew on a buttonHow many shirts and jackets do you keep unworn at the back of your wardrobe because they are missing a button? There are lots of online tutorials; try one by the environmental activist Wilson Oryema for Fashion Revolution. Reduce your floral air miles and find a local supplier through flowersfromthefarm.co.uk, a co-operative of small independent flower growers. TerraCycle rescues hard-to-recycle waste that is not processed by councils. It has free national recycling programmes and also sells zero-waste boxes, which you can fill with most non-hazardous, non-recyclable and non-organic waste, and return for recycling. Use to garnish pies, in risottos and soups; wear gloves to avoid stings and wash thoroughly in salted water.

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Small things can make a big difference when it comes to establishing a more eco-friendly household. Instead of plastic shopping bags, invest in some canvas totes you can reuse. How to make your home more environmentally friendly You can also aim to support businesses that are committed to minimizing plastic waste. For example, buy produce from a farmer’s market instead of prepackaged at a store.

How to make your home more environmentally friendly

There are countless cleaning products and chemicals on the market for cleaning, but most aren’t eco-friendly. Trading store-bought cleaning https://ecosoberhouse.com/article/alcohol-poisoning-signs-and-symptoms/ products with natural ones can create a safer, cleaner home environment. Once it’s full, deposit its contents in your backyard as compost.

Opt for energy-efficient HVAC

One of the easiest ways to make your home more eco-friendly is to swap your old lightbulbs for energy-efficient ones. The traditional incandescent light bulbs use more energy and generate more carob dioxide emissions, making them very inefficient. Replacing them with LED bulbs will save you money on your electricity bill and help reduce your carbon footprint. Landscaping choices can keep your home cooler, serve as a windbreak and contribute to cleaner air. If you are in an area where watering your landscape is necessary, drip irrigation is a sustainable home alternative. Drip irrigation systems use gravity to deliver water to plants, focusing it directly on the roots where it’s needed.






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